MDB File Recovery Software

Simplified Tool to Repair Corrupted MDB File & Restore Data From It

  • Hard deleted MS Access Data File recovery supported
  • Repair MDB file with both minor as well as Major Damage
  • Files corrupted due to size exceeded are also supported
  • Recover entire MDB data like tables, queries, forms, & more
  • Provide two saving options-Schema or Schema & data
  • Option to create New Folder directly from recovery tool
  • Require MS Access 2013 and its earlier version installation
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Salient Features of MDB File Recovery Software


Repair Corrupted MDB File

MDB file recovery software restore MDB file of SQL server, which are severely corrupted due to various reason like Trojan horse, jet engine errors, and many more.

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MS Access Database Restored

The MDB file recovery tools restore entire data from MDB database file. Items like tables, queries, macros, etc.,are scanned and then recovered from the file.

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Convert & Archive Database

The data from repaired MDB file is being recovered and one can save it into one of the two file i.e. MS Access Database file and CSV file format.

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Export Selective Data Items

MDF file recovery tools allow users to check/uncheck the tables that is to be saved on their local machine for performing selective restoration of file.

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Option to Create New Folder

The software is embedded with a feature of creating a new folder from software itself. This folder can be saved on user-defined path & contain exported MDB files.

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Two Option to Save Database

Save with Schema and Save Schema & Data are the two options provided by MDB Repair Tool for storing the recovered database.

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Complete Preview of Items

Before proceeding further, one can preview the items with its attributes for managing items as per convenience. Moreover, one can alter the default place of the items (if required).

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Detailed Progress Report

At the time of scanning & analyzing the corrupted MS Access file, users can view the detail of processing files like number of tables found, Database name, etc.

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Require MS Access Installation

The MDB File Recovery tools require pre-installation of MS Access 2013 & below version on their machine to restore MDB file SQL Server.

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Recover Items with Attributes

Users can recover corrupt MDB file by this product, which will maintain the initial formatting of all items & will keep data intact.

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Frequently Asked Question

By mistake, my records has been deleted from MDB database file. Can your software restore my deleted records?
Yes of course, the tool to repair MDB file i.e. MDB recovery tool will restore permanently deleted records from source MDB file.
I don’t have MS Access 2013 on my machine, but have MS Access 2010 & all earlier version. Is your software compatible with these versions?
No, the software requires complete installation with its proper configuration of MS Access 2013 and the earlier version on your machine.
I have more than one MDB file recovery. Does the software supports adding of multiple files for recovery, at once?
No, at once only one MDB or ACCDB file can be added during recovery time.
I have 20 GB of MDB database file. Will your software support this file size?
Yes, software is developed in such a way that it does not have any constraint related to file size. MDB file of any size can easily be supported by our software.